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Power ICs

Quasi-Resonant Power Supply ICs

MR4000 Series

  The MR4000 Series IC modules are designed for a burst-mode (standby mode) switching function at micro-loads. Its quasi-resonant operation makes possible low noise and superior efficiency. It is ideal for a variety of power applications including consumer devices.

Package (mm) Product Name Main Switching Device VDS(V) Maximum Output(W) Notes
AC90~132V AC180~276V AC90~276V
FTO-7P MR4500 MOSFET 500 12(20) - -
MR4510 25(40) - -
MR4520 50(80) - -
MR4530 80(100) - -
MR4710 MOSFET 700 - 25(40) 12(20)
MR4720 - 50(80) 25(40)
MR4010 Second-generation
high-speed IGBTs
900 - 70 45
MR4020 - 105 70
MR4030 - 135 90
MR4040 - 180 120
* Maximum output capacity and input voltage range differ with design conditions.
* A figure in parenthesis of Maximum output in MR45XX, MR47XX is peak load.
MS Series

 The MS1003SH and MS1004SH consume less power in standby mode than conventional ICs.
The ICs incorporate various functions to make it more user-friendly and to make it easier to design a power supply with fewer external components.

Package (mm) Product Name Type Bottom skip Vin[V] Vcc[V] Stand-by operation Notes
SOP8/7J MS1003SH quasi-resonant RCC 1 skip 95~450 11~24 S-Stby
MS1004SH 2 skip
SOP14 MS1005SK 1 skip UT-Stby
MS1006SK 2 skip

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